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What are electronic enclosures? You can think of them like tents on steroids, high-technology shields, high-quality instrument cabinets, or modern technology jackets. Electronic enclosures are a must in most manufacturing and industrial buildings and establishments because of the sensitivity, value, and importance of their electrical equipment. Electronic enclosures protect the electronic products from electromagnetic interference or EMI and radio frequency interference, also known as RFI. Electronic enclosures also literally shield products and machine parts from wear and tear caused by debris, dust, water and moisture, abrasion, and pollutants of all kinds.

Electronic enclosures are a necessity in almost all types of industries, including but not limited to, automotive engineering, medicine and healthcare, manufacturing, communications, agriculture, and transportation. Electronic enclosures are literally needed and used anywhere electronic equipment is found, like street corners, parks, buildings, stadiums, recreational areas and residences.

So how do electronic enclosures work? Electronic enclosures such as Scheider Electronic Enclosure work by blocking physical threats like dust, rain, sleet and formation of ice and also by deterring threats from a variety of different interference types such as electromagnetic interference, radio frequency interference, electrostatic discharges, and many others. The enclosures for handheld devices can simply have soft grips and battery doors. Many enclosures from Scheider Electronic can simply get snapped together or uses a lap joint also known as tongue and groove construction in order to create a tight seal and keep out dust, water, and other debris. Others may use large panels to contain their contents.

When looking for an industrial electronic enclosure one of the first things that you have to consider is what exactly are you trying to protect your electronics from. Are you in an area that is always raining, or is it near the desert, does it snow or is it too dusty? Electronic instrument enclosures commonly focus on static shielding, heat shielding, dirt and waterproofing, low and high impact shielding, etc.

If you are looking for high performing industrial grade electronic enclosure products look no further Schneider enclosure is built with high-quality materials that are made to last and keep shielding and protecting your electronics.

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