Relationship between php developer and client

A company that really wants to advance must take into account the web world. The excitement of the latter is such that almost everyone is connected these days. It will therefore self to create a website and to best adapt to the client because it will sign the same efficiency of the created website. To reach this goal, it is very important to define the tool to use in preparing the site for the result to be perfect. It will be equally important to understand and define the relationship between the developer and customers in the design of the website.

The selection of the tool

This step is crucial because it will determine the quality of the end result will be the website. One of the most widely used due to its many practical advantages is Php. Clearly, php is a language open source and general scripts. As php programmers therefore use this tool to develop web applications that easily integrate HTML. It will no longer be of use to use several commands to display it as the php pages already contain HTML fragments. Also, be aware that the php code will run on a server to send the result directly to customers without source code. The server configuration will, thereafter, to treat each page whether dynamic or static equally.

The developer and the customer

Once the tool is defined, it will be important to advocate the relationship between the client and the developer. This approach will ensure a personalization of the site first. The customer will be assured of having a site up to its expectations through its merger with the developer. Obviously, the ultimate goal of creating site is the convenience and ease of use for users. Easy to use website will attract even more customers a complex site. The developer will therefore practice and know-how and customer idea to best achieve this.

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