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Anyone who is in the music industry ought to have heard of this wonderful instrument. However, if you haven’t heard of it, here is your opportunity to know more. The handpan is also known as Steel Drum or Tongue drum. But for the sake of this article, it will be referred to a handpan. They produce wonderful tones; add colour and a unique moderation to your music. Notwithstanding the genre of music, a handpan is useful. The origin of this instrument dates by to the 70’s. They made use of the Trinidad steel drum to design the instrument. It was mostly used in Europe. As the demand for this instrument increased, most manufacturers began producing a new design of the steel pan in the 90’s, which is known as handpan.

Most individuals don’t just buy them for the purpose of enhancing their music

They are beautifully crafted with an appealing finish. Recently, these instruments have turned into collector’s items and they will certainly remain valuable over time. You need to understand how the instrument works and how to buy the best handpan in the market that will produce a quality and harmonic sound. A handpan is a musical instrument which came as a result of the global interest in an instrument called the hand. This tunable tongue drum musical instrument is usually played with your hands and it can be tuned with multiple tones.

Steel pan and jazz musicians will find this instrument useful

This is not to say that the instrument can’t fit into any other genre of music. The instrument delivers excellent tone. You can create seven to nine notes from the handpan. The tone comes out of from the middle part of the handpan when the notes around the ding bubble. The surface of the handpan is very sensitive and it responds to the slightest touch. The centre note of this instrument is the ding bubble. At the side of the handpan, sometimes you will find hollowed metals. The tones are hammered into the upper element. However, each model of the instrument is slightly different and has their own unique features.

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