Prefabricated spa: what you need to know to buy well

Spas are plentiful. The choice is immense. You can either opt for prefabricated spas or to order spas. However, if you are asking yourself the question: how to buy a spa at a reduced cost, a likely answer is the option for the prefabricated jacuzzi.

The prefabricated spa

Being ready to be assembled right out of the factory, the choice will be a bit limited. Despite this, you still have a say in a few details.

The size will be defined by you. The size is defined by the number of people it can accommodate: between 2 to 12 people.

You can also choose between a simple spa or a swim spa. The swim spa is intended for both relaxation and physical exercise. It offers the possibility of swimming against the current.

The shape is also a function of your taste: round, square rectangle,… The spa is available in all shapes. The same is true for the covering: wood, polyester, rovel or acrylic.

Depending on the model, your spa can be installed recessed or above ground (portable). The above-ground will weigh more than the embedded because of the weight of their structure.

The water treatment will be the same for all spas. Bromine is the most recommended. It is odorless, resists heat well and above all does not attack the skin. But do not limit yourself to bromine, there are other disinfectants on the market such as ozone or UV treatment, ... The filtration system must be functional.

Finally, think about the water supply. The source should not be too far away.

The interior coating

The interior coating is of great importance. The comfort and enjoyment of the spa depends on it. It should be pleasant to the touch and also easy to maintain. Since a spa is to be used for a very long time, the liner must also be strong enough to withstand the heat of the water.

In this sense, we notice a slight inclination of users towards acrylic coatings. They are known to be very durable and very easy to clean. Next is the rovel coatings which provide a better feeling to the touch of the skin.

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