How to refresh a page of slideshow

There are several ways to refresh a page. There was first the simple surpagination with complex ergonomics or to quizzes and even slideshows with an interesting result but are still bitching users when generalized asynchronous loading. Today, with the evolution of practices, it is possible, for example, modify a single image in a slide show with a much better ergonomics although the result is the same. Some people even use temporal counters to update their spaces in seconds.

Others opt for the Auto-refresh to update a page without requiring the user with the aim to have a maximum page view which will benefit the viewing figures.

Meta Refresh tag

Another way is to use the good old Meta Refresh that is on the home page. All php website development companies know. It is important to place a META Refresh tag at the start of each page with the number of seconds you want.

If you then put, for example, meta http-equiv = "refresh" content = "20", this number will mean the user waits before refreshing the page in question. The goal is always to offer a page updated your users whether a site slide show or not.

It is possible del ier several pages with tag "REFRESH" to give the impression that it is their changing content.

Updating your slideshow allows you to have three times more active users on your site depending on the hour. It is ideal especially if you want to improve traffic to your site. If you are not very adept Codes, you can always hire professionals in this area as Simply Php is as its name suggests, very passionate about the php. No matter what type of site you have at your disposal, you can trust them. Anyway, you have the choice between incorpering javascript or use other practices. However, the first method is the best.

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