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Developing web or mobile applications via Php

Among many programmers, php website development has a bad reputation— some of them due to past language errors, lack of standardization, security issues, and software styling. That's why PHP is not seen by new programmers as a valid option to build their projects. Now PHP is very fast and has a type hint for methods and types of return, making the language more consistent. It has a range of strategies for helpers to do more while writing fewer. Here you can see a number of improvements.

Advantages of working with php

  • The group is very large and kind, good information and support, and they love to help.
  • It's trustworthy, safe and mature. The PHP team doesn't throw new features that kill the old ones and they've got a very detailed launch roadmap.
  • Has a very small level of learning.
  • Can be used in all-scale projects: small, medium, and large projects could be written in PHP.

What process should I use for the mobile application?

In my personal view, there are already two big players in PHP frameworks, Laravel and Symfony. I use both of them for long-term projects. Both are perfect to get things done quickly and efficiently with a regular way of doing things for you alone or for your entire team.


Laraval is a framework developed by Taylor Otwell and established as a Web Artisans Framework. Since 2011, Laraval has been around and has since gained a lot of popularity. It is the most widely used PHP framework at the moment.


Symfony is a Fabien Potencier framework. It is defined as a set of reusable components and a web applications PHP framework. It has been around since 2005, is number two in popularity when it comes to PHP frameworks, and use Symfony components in many other frameworks, including Laravel.


PHP's not gone. It's a great language that allows you to produce your product quickly and reliably, if you want to use it, please use the right tool for the right job and choose a platform that meets your needs.